Lighthouse Preschool Class Schedule and Activities

Weekly Schedule

Ages 3, 4, 5                         Morning Sessions              8:00-11:15          Monday through Friday

Ages 4, 5                            Afternoon Sessions            12:15-3:30          Monday through Thursday

You can choose if you want to have your child in the morning program or the afternoon program and then which days you want them to attend.

The afternoon sessions are ONLY for children ages 4 and 5 who are in their final year of preschool and are going to kindergarten the following fall.  It is strongly recommended that children who attend in the afternoon be here for all 4 days.

We ask that the class sessions you select remain the same for each week during the entire school year.

Class Activities

Preschool session activities include:

  •  Free-Play (to practice sharing, imagination, and cooperation)
  •  Chapel (to hear God’s Word, pray and sing songs)
  •   Art (we encourage imagination and creative thinking when creating art)
  •   Stories (children are asked to sit quietly, listen and answer questions)
  •   Journal writing (to practice our fine motor skills of writing, drawing, and coloring)
  •   Snack Time (we practice table manners also)
  •   Checking out and reading books from our library
  •   Recess

In addition we go on field trips regularly.  Examples include going to the fire station, dentist, grocery store, public library, and more.

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