Church Boards

St. Paul’s church is comprised of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and six boards.  Each board has a director and lay members.

Board of Elders:  Assist the pastor with spiritual life of the congregation through supervision of public worship including proper administration of the Sacraments, church discipline, and church publications; caring for personal and family needs;

Board members:  Tim Zinter, Rodney Kono, Jerry Ochsner, Ray Anderson, Mike Guerin, Larry Jung, Nels Olson, Shane Jung

Board of Evangelism Provides leadership of our congregation in outreach to the community.  This includes assisting the Elders in ministering to the shut-in, homebound and member visitation;  church promotion within the community; assist in training the laity to bring the unchurched to pastoral instruction classes;  provide a means for meeting the needs of the less fortunate and with special needs; and guiding the congregation with financial support to Synod and District synodical programs.

Board Members:  Deb Droog

Board of Personnel Recommend personnel policies, job descriptions and salary ranges of church staff.  Perform staff evaluations and insure smooth integration and operation of staff.

Board Members:  Howard Anderson, David Swanhorst, Jon Mesmer, Betty Ochsner,  church staff

Board of Trustees:  Administer and maintain church property; regulate use of church facilities; and plan and execute building upkeep and expansion.

Board Members:  Dennis Stoebner

Board of Education and Youth:  Concerned for Christian education of children, youth, and adults; develop educational programs with specific objectives; enlist and train lay teachers; maintain, improve, and cultivate use of church library; develop meaningful ways youth can contribute to the church. This board also provides direction and planning of the Lighthouse Pre-School.

Board Members:  Tina Board, Tara Fjelstad, Angela Huff, Becky Jung, Tom Kaiser, Betty Ochsner, Trudy Schaunaman, Cheryl Wold

Board of Stewardship:  Provide Biblical Stewardship principals and give members the opportunity to make a commitment for sharing their treasures; review annual budget requests and make recommendations to the congregation; oversee all church finances; supervise raising of all funds; conduct a Time and Talents Survey; and prepare lists of members for appointment to various boards and present to Church Council.

Board Members:  Pastor Bobby, Paige Anderson, Joy Mammenga, Ray Anderson, Patti Mesmer, Roberta Adolphsen, Tom Agnitsch