A Congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Our Preschool Year

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” Seasons and routines are proof of God’s order. In our preschool, there are times and seasons too. There are times to focus on topics that the children are interested in and there are times to work on skills and knowledge that the teachers decide. There are times to have class parties and celebrate together and times to serve others. There are times to go on field trips, and times to have experts come to us to share their wisdom.

Each month will have a character-trait focus, a field trip opportunity, a service project, a science or building challenge, and a study of a famous painting or musical piece. Each week will include a study of a Bible story, phonics concept, nursery rhyme, children’s book, math concept, writing exercise, nature observation, and life skill.

Our Preschool Day

Each day of preschool, children will have free play, chapel, story time, calendar/math, outside play time, snack, and center time where they can engage in any number of activities including pretend play, fine motor activities, art projects, science activities, life skills practice, construction/block play, writing, reading. All the while, we will be singing songs, doing fingerplays, and encouraging curiosity in the amazing world we are in!

Please join us as we learn together about God, His world, and what He has done for it through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection!