A Congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

Preschool Mission

The Lighthouse Preschool is in mission with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church to promote the spiritual and academic development of preschool children and their families in the Aberdeen area by providing a loving and nurturing Christ-centered environment of discovery and learning. 

Preschool Philosophy

We are a Christian preschool that seeks to embody the love that Jesus showed to children by helping them grow in the knowledge of Him, His world and His work in it.

We believe that the world is the Lord’s and that there is much in it to learn about. This is best done by providing children with hands on learning experiences, exposing them to experts through whom they can learn, asking questions and providing play opportunities to help them process what they are learning, and documenting what they have learned.

We also believe that children need shelter, guidance, and structure to help them develop good habits of thought and action such as honesty, kindness, obedience to parents/teachers, and focusing on tasks. This is done throughout our days together as well as through character building activities. Great, classic literature is also used to peak the imagination and encourage us to think about what is true, good, and beautiful.

Finally, we believe that in addition to knowing ABOUT various things, it is also useful for children to know HOW to do things. Some skills may be useful now and others when they are moms, dads, or workers. This includes large and small motor development, social skills and emotional awareness, and academic skills. We will help them develop skills such as writing, reading, cooking, woodworking, caring for plants, blowing their nose, and saying “I’m sorry,” and “I forgive you.”